Ebola Virus Outbreak In Guinea Has Become Critically Serious

Guinea is proceeding with its battle against the fatal Ebola disease with its mass vaccination campaign that started on Tuesday.

It comes after the latest out break this month which killed five people in the southeastern region of Nzérékoré.

They were the initial cases in Guinea since the 2013- 2016 plague that killed more than 11, 300 in West Africa.

The World Health Organization has delivered 11, 000 vaccines to Guinea this week and plans to send 8, 000 more.

” Here we vaccinate contacts since the pathology was found out in this hospital, we are now vaccinating contacts first, ” said Dr Kaba Keita, general director of the regional hospital of Nzérékoré.

” And in a second phase, we are going to broaden the vaccination to all the hospital staff since they are on the front line in the fight against this pathology. “

The vaccination crusade also began in Dubreka on the outskirts of the capital Conakry, said Dr Halimatou Keita, who works in a hospital there.

On Wednesday, the rollout will proceed in Nzerekore, located around 40 kilometres from Goecke.

A total of 385 people have been recognized as contacts linked to the initial case and that person’ s relatives, said Bouna Yattassaye, deputy director of the National Agency for Health Security

No recent cases have been noted in Guinea for a week. 

But infections and Ebola deaths have been documented in the Democratic Republic of Congo this month.

The Kivu Ebola epidemic began on 1 August 2018, when four cases of Ebola virus disease were confirmed in the eastern region of Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which spread continues till date.

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