Salone Lady Following Naija Man In Marriage 2021

Salone Lady Following Naija Man In Marriage 2021

Naija Salone Wedding In Freetown Skyrocket 2021

Naija Salone Engagement 2021 as a Benin Man takes our Sierra Leonean sister back to Nigeria the origin of Krio, it all looks pretty nice to see racism dying gradually as nations are merging automatically through wedding events that makes friends turn to family, Nigerians have filled the gap in ensuring we all become one big family as Nigerians are always creating a welcome opportunity to make sure that our neighbors don’t only becomes our friend but also becomes our family, the engagement was a successful one as the husband friends and family home and abroad join the family of the wife in Sierra Leone live via online platforms as the wedding shall be taking place on the 6th of march 2021 in Freetown Sierra Leone as the church wedding will be taking place first thing in the morning followed by the reception in the evening where foods and drinks will be served, few people are invited due to the Covid19 pandemic


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